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  • Having Only 1 Choice is
    So Old Fashioned

    Are you stuck with just 1 insurance company’s policy & price? Choice matters, and we have some of the most competitive companies in the business to choose from.

    After all, it only makes sense that any great choice begins with having one.

  • Maximize Your Insurance Savings
    With Multi-Policy Discounts

    Why just save on your auto insurance… when insuring your HOME & AUTOS multiply your savings!

    Get the most out of your money with Multi-Policy Discounts.

  • The Smart-Way to Save on
    All Your Insurance

    The limits of your insurance policy and how much you’ll pay out-of-pocket after a claim are directly related.

    Don’t find yourself screaming uncle because you thought you couldn’t afford better coverage. We can help!

  • Location. Location. Location.

    We believe in supporting local business and jobs. We’re a local business ourselves and understand the importance of supporting industry throughout the greater Senatobia, Mississippi area.

    If you’ve outsourced your insurance to someone far, far away… it’s a good time to bring it home.

  • It All Adds Up to Life Insurance

    You work hard to provide and care for those you love.

    We can help you structure a plan for their future that keeps them moving in the direction you worked so hard to provide for.


Insurance going through the roof? It's probably not your fault and we can help. Just click or call.

Welcome to Callicott Insurance Agency, Inc.

Insurance exists for your financial stability and protection, and who advises you is just as important as who insures you.

Callicott Insurance Agency is a Mississippi Multi-Lines Independent Insurance Agency serving families, individuals and businesses throughout our region.

Through integrity and experience we are actively dedicated in helping people just like you find increased value and savings with insurance costs without just exposing you to the possibility of financial loss beyond your means or interests. And in today's world... that's really saying something.

Automobiles, Homeowners, Condominium Owners, Apartment Renters, Senior Drivers, High-Value Homes, Rental Properties, Business Owners and Commercial Properties & General & Excess Liability are just a few of the insurance coverages we provide.

Each are written through some of the industry's most financially secure top-rated carriers recognized for their high standards regarding fast and fair claims service.

We are Professionally Licensed in the following States: Mississippi & Tennessee

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Callicott Insurance Agency, Inc.
408 West Main Street
Senatobia, MS 38668

Office Hours: M-F 8-12 & 1-5
Tel: (662) 562-5721
Fax: (662) 562-5760
Email: email@callicottinsurance.com

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    Autos, trucks, motorcycles, atv’s, rv’s and more. Callicott Insurance Agency is here to find the policy that’s just right for you and your budget.

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    Protect your home and personal property with the right coverage at the right price. You’ve worked hard for what you own. We’ll help to ensure you have a policy that meets your life and needs.

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    Business Owners Policy, Commercial Property, Commercial Vehicles, General & Excess Liability, Product & Professional Liability Insurance, Workers Comp and much more.

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    Find the confidence and security you’re looking for in knowing you’ve properly protected yourself and your assets. Life certainly comes with our fair dose of the unexpected. That’s why we look beyond the “what if”.

  • Online Client Services

    Our easy-to-use services let you get it done and get on with your day. Request a policy update, order a replacement id card for your auto policy, pay your insurance bill online and more.

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    Always earning your trust and confidence is the foundation to our elite customer service. From quotes to questions, life is ever changing and we’re here to help.


Callicott Insurance Agency, Inc.
408 West Main Street
Senatobia, MS 38668

Office Hours: M-F 8-12 & 1-5
Tel: (662) 562-5721
Fax: (662) 562-5760
Email: email@nullcallicottinsurance.com

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